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After I built my new MediaServer recently and wanted to have the individual panels available online, I installed nginx on top to serve as a webserver for an entry page as well as a proxy server to reach other sites on different ports. 

The same time I wanted to install SSL certificates for my server or rather my domain netquick.ch

Until today I had the dns entries for this domain managed by no-ip.com as my internet connection has no fixed IP. During the process I transferred my domains from no-ip.com to cloudflare. So first of all I set up cloudflare account and registered my two domains netquick.ch and nunocraft.net with them. The DNS setting was straight forward and most of all I just needed to set cloudflares dns instead of no-ip at my provider. After the transfer was completed I'm ready to go to get my certificates.

For this purpose I will install certbot as it automates the process with letsencrypt and cloudflare.

sudo apt update && sudo apt install nginx certbot

I installed it with defaults and my public websites root is set to /var/www/html. 

before you get your certificates, make sure ports 80 and 443 are opened for accessing your webservers ip from internet.

now let's have certbot getting our certificates..

This was the plan so far - but I really struggled getting that certificate to work and to be honest I'm not sure if I could recreate easy. I will soon try to complete my report about how to get my certificates to work using cloudflare and Let'sencrypt.








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