Welcome to netquick

This is the home of my small network. Served mostly as an entry point for me and my family, this is also the place to share my opinion, share thoughts, share ideas and many more.

I am employed but do computer stuff in my spare time including playing PC games. This is part of my life since I started with my first Intel 80286 computer a great while ago. Over years I get experienced in many topics as I always set up my own network at home. I did run many servers including mailservers - wich of course ended in being an open relay and get blacklisted. But hey - it was experience. 

For years I was impressed of computer getting faster, new possibilities to come up. I was addicted I'd say. When I think about it today I feel like it changed a lot. Computer don't get faster that quick anymore and even todays computer would have a huge potential - the topic today is security wich leads in more and more restrictions.

My only goal with this page is to share some valuable information with others. Write down some important thoughts and experiences. And of course - if I have like a million users I will integrate tons of adds. Enjoy your stay.



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